20 June 2016

Murton Village has a new resident. Milo was found wandering in Westerhope with a broken jaw, but he has been re-homed with Jane and has really fallen on his paws. Every luxury that money can buy, including castration, has been lavished on him by his fond and doting carer, and Milo has blossomed.
Like most cats, Milo has a curious nature but in his case, nebbiness is extremely well-developed; an open door is an invitation to explore the possibility of finding some left-over cat food or a soft bed for a nap. Everyone is charmed by Milo’s cute little face except for Ocelot who unleashes banshee-like screeches through the windows.
Stop Press: Ocelot caught Milo in the house, chased him into the bedroom and beat him up. There was a covering of fur on the carpet, deep gouges in the walls and evidence of the accuracy of the expression “sh*t scared”.