16 th September 2015

Farewell Faithful Friend

It was a sad day saying good bye to my little Micra after 15 years. I remember driving it out of Benfield Motors and watching the wheels on the mileometer begin to turn from zero. And no, it is/was not just a heap of rusting metal! Norham Garage had warned me that it would not pass its MOT again, so a visit to Ken S. was indicated and, as always, he just what I needed Рa three-door Micra, only five years old and shiny black. I still felt bad about abandoning the old Micra but comfort myself that someone had bid for it at auction; with only 29 000 miles on the clock, the engine could be a sort of motorised heart transplant. The latest one one now has some new mats (charcoal grey with pink trim, a bargain at £6.99 at B&M) and a sticker pledging support for Newcastle Falcons. The only problem is that it is slightly wider so driving in and out of the garage needs two of us so that I can actually get out of the car once it is in position.