16 September 2015

“There’s no one quite like Grandma”

It was my birthday last month – 71 – and perhaps this is the year I shall turn into a sweet little old lady. “Sweet” is stretching it a bit as for the rest I shall just have to wait and see. We certainly need a new computer; this one is taking 15 minutes to take me where I want to go and then it collapses in exhaustion and I have to start again. Time to send for our wise man of all things computer-related, Ken.
Payment is not going to be a problem as after years of allowing Littlewoods to extract small sums from his bank account, Keith won the pools – nearly £600! No, I didn’t think people still did the pools,either, but there it is. Over 40 years of patience have been rewarded. I am going to post this now in case the malevolent fairy inside this machine wakes up and I lose everything.