29 March 2015

Palm Sunday already; only another week to go before Easter. Since Ash Wednesday, we have been encouraged to take on more – charitable works, study groups etc – and give up certain pleasures such as throwing stones at people and chocolate. How about throwing chocolate at people, does that count? Of course, the throwing stones isn’t literal, it means making malicious and/or spiteful remarks which aim to hurt people. The other side of the coin is how we should react when stones, or even small fragments of gravel,are thrown at us.
On the matter of giving up chocolate and other sugar-laden treats, do you know that fig rolls are permitted in Lent? We were served these at a study group in the vicarage and Fr. Paul Scott told us that they are allowed. I doubt if this is actually enshrined in Canon Law, but fig rolls are a useful standby for the times we really crave something sweet.